printf("this is a %lx binary.\n",*(long*)getpagesize());
2008.06.07 | 23:58 - patrick

Sometimes you want to access something on the web, but the provider restricts the content to customers from its own country. Annoying right?
Here is when Tor, the anonymity network comes into play; all you have to do is to tell Tor to use a node of this country as exit. Oh, and there is a nice multi-platform GUI for Tor too: Vidalia.
So what this script does is to filter the cached routers (nodes) by using the geographical information found in Vidalia's geo-cache.


Perl script: v1.00

2007.06.26 | 18:26 - folkert

SubEthaEdit dtrace syntax coloring mode

here's a syntax coloring mode for the very excellent dtrace, to be used with the very excellent SubEthaEdit text editor. probes show up as symbols, so you can jump to them directly, which is quite nice =)

dtrace.mode just copy it into

2005.11.06 | 16:29 - patrick

Everyone is lazy, so am I.
I simply didn't wanted to write all HTML code for our news entries by hand, so I came up with the idea of some "custom language", that's embedded in the normal news text.
Here is an example how this looks like:

My newest photos:
Aren't they beautiful?

Text Tags

PHP-source: text_tags-2005-11-06.tar.bz2

2005.04.02 | 18:46 - patrick

I had enough of SAP programming so I started writing a small TicTacToe in MS Excel...
Btw. did you know that TicTacToe is only a simplified version of "Go Bang"?

TicTacToe Excel


2004.09.08 | 19:38 - patrick

Example: How to make your Cocoa application scriptable

Demonstration of:
[Update]Person array is handled using Cocoa binding.
source (new): KValueAScript-2004-09-06.tar.bz2
source (old): KValueAScript-2004-09-06.tar.bz2

2004.07.08 | 23:02 - folkert

this innovative and complex, yet straightforward application, geared towards industry professionals who want to maximize the assets of rapid development and eXtreme programming, enables you to drag a image or icon file into its dock icon. on the fly, the image is analyzed and displayed as dock icon in realtime.
also, it took only fifteen minutes of coding [well, rather clicking and dragging in Interface Builder =]

octaeder binary: appIcon.dmg.gz     source: appIcon-src.tar.gz

2004.06.26 | 17:36 - patrick

web2mail is a small SMTP mail server that fetches html files on demand and then sends the result as ZIP-archive to the originator. Usefull if normal webaccess is blocked.


Perl script: web2mail-0.1.tar.bz2

2004.03.23 | 10:29 - folkert

i like xeyes(1) and i like anime, so i patched some #defines in Eyes.c to make xeyes even more cute. the effect looks best when maximized to full screen on an already cute embedded system ^_^
before after
patch file: Eyes.patch

2004.01.27 | 14:28 - folkert

this quick test app does two things: 1] it captures the mouse pointer when it enters a slider, matrix or button ui element. unfortunately, the mouse has to move rather slowly to get captured, which defies the whole point of making it easier to hit the ui elements. 2] text put into the textfield is parsed by bc(1) and the result is written in the textfield, thus enabling the user to enter arithmetic terms directly instead of starting up


octaeder binary: iNterface.dmg.gz     source: iNterface.src.tar.gz


what i learned:

2003.05.21 | 00:15 - folkert

i bought the very nice software EarthDesk, but it turned out that it used more cpu time and dock space than i was willing to spend on eyecandy. so i wrote a tool which spawns a new instance of EarthDesk all 5 minutes or so, only to kill it half a minute later [hopefully, EarthDesk has updated the background image by then]


binary: edsched    source: edsched.c

2003.02.26 | 02:08 - folkert

since my rpg buddies [nerd alert!] always complain about me not bringing my own dice to the table, i wrote this tool [nerd alert! nerd alert!] to shut them up. it uses NSImageView, NSSlider and some trivial NSString operations. the pics were stolen from some online shop.


octaeder binary: dieSucker.dmg.gz     source: dieSucker.src.tar.gz



2003.02.24 | 06:14 - folkert

my very first cocoa application, written in java [bad idea]. byteMe "calculates" the decimal, octal and hexadecimal representation of a byte given in binary. more importantly, it uses NSTextfield, NSButton, NSStepper and NSMatrix [the latter in a bad, non-standard way].


pacman binary: byteMe.dmg.gz     source: byteMe.src.tar.gz



why coding cocoa tools in java is a bad idea:

 1135 byteMe       0.8%  0:01.06   9   173   173  8.23M  12.3M  10.4M   229M

i dont think a small and featureless app like this should need ten megs of ram.
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