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Platform: Mac OS X 10.3/Cocoa/Universal Binary
Version: 0.9.10
Last update: 2009.08.30
Changelog: here
Download: latest
Authors: patrick & folkert

FFView is a fast OpenGL-powered picture viewer a la ACDsee (2.x). It is aimed at letting you read manga or other comics onscreen (windowed & fullscreen mode). Features include fast prefetching, smooth panning, voice commands, 2-page mode, a magnifying lens, the ability to browse pictures inside archives (.rar/.cbr, .zip/.cbz/, .pdf) and sticky per-picture options. It reads EXIF tags and is scriptable.
Supported languages:
english flag french flag german flag italian flag japanese flag korean flag brazilian flag spanish flag swedish flag polish flag
You speak a language that's not listed here? Then please contact us and help us with the translation.

projects on hold

Sorry folks, but we decided to put all our software projects on hold - the main reason simply being lack of time. More recently the thing so called "real life" has been keeping both of us (Folkert & Patrick) rather busy. This is why development and support stalled.

Nevertheless, this should not make our software less attractive – it is still great software, mature enough for daily use. Therefore, please go ahead and download any of the packages and make use of it. Even better: Write us a nice email if you like it.

If you are a developer and interested in taking on the task of continuing one of the projects, then please contact us.


Image, list and EXIF window (click for larger version) Thumbnail mode (click...) Configurable input events (click...)

Magnifying lens (click...) Dockicon w/ status 2-page mode (click...) Script menu

Controlling w/ Romeo Create Finder Icons (click)


0.9.10 Polish localization, 10.5 fix .. see CHANGE_LOG
0.9.9 Portuguese (Brazil) localization, bugfixes.. see CHANGE_LOG
0.9.8 Fixes..
0.9.7 Japanese & spanish localization, major bugfixes.. see CHANGE_LOG.
0.9.6 Bugfixes...
0.9.5 To much to list.. have a look at the CHANGE_LOG.
0.9 NEW core, magnifying lens and much more - CHANGE_LOG for details.
0.8.5 Integrated thumb browser, EXIF, crash fixes.. see CHANGE_LOG.
0.8.2 Script menu, No Blow-Up option, many bugfixes. See CHANGE_LOG.
0.8.1 Black window and dialog keyevent bug fixed. See CHANGE_LOG.
0.8 2-page mode, Applescript support.. See CHANGE_LOG.
0.7 Mem leak fixed, configurable shortcuts, status in dock icon,... - see CHANGE_LOG.
0.6 Sorting, multibutton mouse support, ... - see CHANGE_LOG for further information.
0.5 First public release

FFView source

0.9.10 -
0.9.9 -
0.9.8 -
0.9.7 -
0.9.6 -
0.9.5 -
0.9 Now again w/o mplayer postprocessing.
0.8.5 -
0.8.2 -
0.8.1 -
0.8 -
0.7 New .nib file, mplayer sw scaler, many code changes, FFArchive 0.6.1.
0.6 The source isn't bundled with the binary anymore.

FFArchive.framework source

0.8.1 Archive type autodetection
Demo 2006-09-30 -
Demo 2006-08-19 -
0.8 Password-protected archives
0.7.1 libstdc++ -> dynlib.
0.7 The dates and the filesize are now also exported.
Demo 2005-09-19 Added columns to display the additional exported information - FFArchive 0.7.
0.64 Configurable fallback encoding.
Demo 2005-06-09 Added an encoding field.
0.6.3 -
0.6.2 Non roman character support.
Demo 2004-07-19 Demonstration how to use the FFArchive framework. Can be used to extract single files (Winzip for the poor ;-)).
0.6.1 unrar 3.4.1, marked my changes.
0.6 The archive part of FFView is now a separate framework.

FFEXIF.framework source

0.5.2 Not all EXIF tags were shown.
Demo 2006-09-30 -
0.5.1 XCode 2.1 project.
0.5 First release.
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