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platform OS X
type screen saver
language C and Objective-C
version CocoaHedron 1.01
last update 2008.05.13
download latest
source svn checkout
author folkert

this screen saver draws two interlocked recursive tetrahedrons. each recursive tetrahedron contains four smaller recursive tetrahedrons at its edges. the relative size, distance and rotation of the descendants changes according to a sine function, the parameters of which can be set interactively. the standalone application can be used to control the settings for the screen saver.

projects on hold

Sorry folks, but we decided to put all our software projects on hold - the main reason simply being lack of time. More recently the thing so called "real life" has been keeping both of us (Folkert & Patrick) rather busy. This is why development and support stalled.

Nevertheless, this should not make our software less attractive – it is still great software, mature enough for daily use. Therefore, please go ahead and download any of the packages and make use of it. Even better: Write us a nice email if you like it.

If you are a developer and interested in taking on the task of continuing one of the projects, then please contact us.


CocoaHedron 1.01 screen saver + application [disk image]. Universal Binary, finally.
CocoaHedron 1.01 xcode3 source [tarball]
CocoaHedron 1.0 xcode source [tarball]
CocoaHedron 1.0 screen saver + application [disk image]



in order to enhance performance, i rewrote the core routines, using display lists aggressively [the recursive structure basically demanded such an approach]. unfortunately, a recursion depth of six or more still looks like a slide show on my 666 MHz powerbook. the outline effect was accomplished by a neat little trick which involves disabling the zbuffer and drawing each tetrahedron four times more.

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