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Platform: Python / Google App Engine
Version: 1.0
Last update: 2008.12.08
Changelog: here
Download: latest
Author: patrick

CAEMS (CÄMS) is a small construction kit for Google's App Engine that enables you to serve pages with reasonable expenditure.
It consists of a "Content-Management-Systems" (hence the name), and a mechanism for page rendering; the latter is optional.

As you can see, all you need to provide, i.e. implement, are the models (= data structures) and the pages.

projects on hold

Sorry folks, but we decided to put all our software projects on hold - the main reason simply being lack of time. More recently the thing so called "real life" has been keeping both of us (Folkert & Patrick) rather busy. This is why development and support stalled.

Nevertheless, this should not make our software less attractive – it is still great software, mature enough for daily use. Therefore, please go ahead and download any of the packages and make use of it. Even better: Write us a nice email if you like it.

If you are a developer and interested in taking on the task of continuing one of the projects, then please contact us.



You can test drive CAEMS at:
The corresponding website can be found at:


1.0 Initial public release
all rights [r] belong to us.