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diploma thesis
title Evaluation of QoS-Aspects of mobile IPv6 Clients in an IEEE 802.11 network
semester winter 2005
advisors Prof. Dr. Gergeleit, Prof. Dr. Kröger

[Presentation] (german)

project hotspot
semester winter 2003
subject telecommunications
lecturer Prof. Dr. Gergeleit
team Peter Krausgrill, Folkert Saathoff

we had to set up and configure a linux host to perform as a public-access WLAN hotspot.

program iDBV
semester winter 2003
subject digital image processing
lecturer Prof. Dr. Richter

i had to implement a series of filters and tools for processing and analyzing bitmap images.

program touchd
semester summer 2003
subject internship

i absolved an internship at wachendorff elektronik and wrote a daemon for processing touch screen data in the process. however, this code is TOP SECRET, as any publication would seriously damage WE, so you can't look at it, sorry :/

program knot
semester summer 2002
subject process data processing
lecturer Prof. Dr. Linn
team Peter Krausgrill, Folkert Saathoff

we wrote a software to visualize web server requests in 'realtime'.

program gdv
semester winter 2002
subject computer graphics
lecturer Prof. Dr. Schulz
team Christian Koch, Matthias Peter, Folkert Saathoff

we had to implement something graphical using the opengl api.

technik der netze
program pisdn
semester winter 2002
subject computer networks
lecturer Prof. Dr. Geib
team Christian Koch, Folkert Saathoff

we had to write a tool for analyzing layer-2 and layer-3 data out of hexdumps of ISDN traffic.